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What Pawsome Pet Travel need from you:

In order for me to issue an Animal Health Certificate (AHC), allowing you to head off on holiday with your furry family, I need evidence that your pet has a valid, in-date Rabies Vaccine and that your pet’s Microchip was scanned and confirmed by the Veterinary Surgeon BEFORE the Rabies Vaccine was administered to your pet.

You can quickly and easily provide this evidence by asking your regular Vet who administered the Rabies vaccination to email your pet’s clinical history directly to

Please ensure you have read through the FAQs before emailing any documents. Incorrect documents will delay your request for an AHC and could impact on the ability to issue the AHC.

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Already have an OLD Pet Passport or EU Pet Passport?

UK Pet Passport

If you have a UK Pet Passport issued after 2014 (now defunct for entering the EU) and it contains details of an in-date Rabies Vaccination that was administered and stamped by a Vet, please email clear, FULL page and in-focus photographs of:

  • The microchip/ID number page
  • The Rabies vaccination page


Clinical History

Please ask the Vets who administered the Rabies Vaccination, to email us directly a copy of your pet’s clinical history. The history MUST show that your pet’s microchip was scanned and confirmed BEFORE they received the Rabies Vaccination.

  • The history must also include the details of the vaccine (manufacturer, brand name, batch number and date that it was administered).
  • Also, your pet’s details must be completed including:
    • Date of Birth
    • Sex
    • Colour
    • Breed

Rabies Vaccination Certificate

If you have a Rabies Vaccination Certificate confirming that your pet’s microchip was scanned BEFORE receiving the vaccine and including the details of the vaccine administered (manufacturer, brand name, batch number and date that it was administered) – please email a copy of this to me. I may need to contact your regular Vet to confirm.

Please Note: I am UNABLE to accept Vaccination Cards, Health Cards, or Handwritten Information attached to any of these cards.

Requesting a Repeat AHC

If Pawsome has previously provided you with an AHC and you now require another for your upcoming travels, I can provide a discounted service because I have your details already on file that have been fully checked and verified, so this saves me time and you money.  


  • Repeat AHC (standard service 14 days) £69 for the first pet
  • Additional pets (up to maximum of 5 pets total per AHC) £11 per additional pet

Get in touch via the webpage contact form to discuss any changes in your details prior to issuing the new AHC. 

Issuing the AHC:

You would bring your pet along to collect the AHC from my home here in Paisley, PA2 Postcode, Renfrewshire.


Ready to Request your Repeat AHC?

  1. Click the link to send us an email:
  2. In the email subject please provide your name, your pet’s name, your mobile number & your proposed date of travel.
  3. In the main body of your email, please let us know you’d like to organise a repeat AHC with Pawsome, and I will be back in touch to complete the process with you.